High Quality Publishing Firm Called Raider Publishing International

October 25th, 2011 - Posted by Admin

Adam Salviani has more than five years of experiencing working in the publishing industry. He is not, by any stretch, a newcomer to the industry since he was a writer before he got involved in the publishing industry. Salviani, thanks to his experience as a writer, understands both sides of the publishing industry—as a client and as a publisher.

In 2005, Adam Salviani founded a high quality publishing firm called Raider Publishing International. Salviani and a fellow group of writers decided that this project was a worthy one because they were dissatisfied with the standard practices of the publishing industry—specifically, they felt that writers were not being properly serviced. The team at Raider Publishing International set out to discover a more just and fair way to handle the publishing of books and then to utilize whichever system did that.

Raider Publishing International is not some low-rent publishing house. It is a high quality publishing firm with offices all over the world. This wide distribution of global offices allowed for the company to better meet the needs of their clients.

The way that the publishing industry treats its clients and writers is, for the majority of the industry, appalling. They do not treat them as if they were partners in business, but as if they are expendable talents. This imbalance is something Raider Publishing International is attempting to correct by establishing a firm which puts the needs of the clientele first and foremost.

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